Who we are, who we want, what we offer.

CHIAVEINGLESE teaches English in companies, 100 companies and 3000 students since 1980. We deploy traditional ELT publications and digital-age tools, but remain convinced that the teacher, not books or technology, is the key to success. You may not even realize how powerful you can be. CHIAVEINGLESE uses new pedagogy, developed under our own roof, that will enable you to – take a deep breath – become more adept at planting English more indelibly in areas of the brain that work more automatically. But before you can empower your students, you have to empower yourself. This may mean that some ideas and techniques you swear by will have to give ground to new ones. Are you ready to learn?

WORKING CONDITIONS Courses are governed by a contract between CHIAVEINGLESE and the client company. A course typically runs for a year and is renewed for an additional year, which gives you a fighting chance to develop the student's ability to understand and use English. The work week is Monday-Friday, 08:00-20:00, though Friday evenings are rare. Recurrent duties include setting lesson content, keeping an attendance/activity register, sending out and correcting homework, and supplying data needed to report to clients and calculate pay. We do level assessments three times per year and we conference as needed to resolve problems and reckon the way ahead.

REQUIREMENTS You must have an internet-and-audio-enabled PC (or tablet or smartphone). You must have a VAT account. Having a scooter helps. You must be a native speaker of English with three years of qualifying ESL/EFL experience. Your experience may not be qualifying from our standpoint if too much of it comes from private tutoring or academic not workaday ELT. Not having a university degree or teaching certificate can be overcome by having a compelling combination of experience and testimonials, but not vice-versa. We may ask you to teach a trial lesson, typically 60 minutes and always paid. 

EARNINGS Base pay is thirty euros per hour, gross. Depending on track record and credentials, a higher rate may be agreed. Travel pay is added to this, based on distance from center, up to ten euros per hop, gross, less if close in, less if you are at the client for a large part of the day. Earnings including travel are taxed 22%. This is income tax. Contributions to pension, medical and disability insurance schemes will reduce earnings a further 23%. Not contributing is illegal. NB: information about taxation is provided in good faith as a courtesy but is notoriously subject to change.